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 Get the Spokane Barre app!

Easily book/cancel and manage your Spokane Barre schedule and account as well as stay in the know and well connected with your SB Tribe!

Spokane Barre On Demand

Unlimited, 24/7 access to our video library of pre-recorded 10-60min class options. New videos added monthly.


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Our classes are high intensity but low impact, blending traditional barre components, strength training, yoga/pilates, and bursts of cardio for a well rounded and complete exercise. We offer modifications in all classes to suit individual needs, goals and fitness levels. Come experience our style of barre and our community!

We are your LOCAL barre studio and we are here for YOU.

The Globe Building in Spokane’s U District
204 N. Division Suite 303
Spokane, WA 99202

What our members say about Spokane Barre

Spokane Barre
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Becky KukuckaBecky Kukucka
14:26 15 Apr 23
This little studio gives BIG. I’d never felt so welcomed and included at a gym before . I took my first class June of 2022 , loved it SO MUCH that I became an instructor by the end of that same year!You will get a great low impact full body workout and feel supported along the way . The loud jams and laughter makes this studio stand out.What Spokane Barre is not : ballet /danceWhat it is: low impact cardio and high repetition with light weights and modifications for every level .It’s one hell of a workout !
Carly HenlingCarly Henling
21:37 04 Apr 23
I LOVE Spokane barre. All of the instructors and employees at Spokane barre are very nice and always make sure to know everyone on a first name basis and encourage each individual during class. Going to Spokane barre is more than just getting a killer workout in, it’s a community where you can participate in games and challenges and book clubs and get the chance to meet new people and make great workout friends!
Madden HenryMadden Henry
20:32 04 Apr 23
Spokane Barre is such a positive workout experience. All of the instructors are very positive and encouraging throughout the whole class! It is a very challenging but rewarding workout experience. Ever since I have started taking classes at Spokane Barre I have felt much stronger in my own body and tankful for all it is able to do!
Petra WheatonPetra Wheaton
22:58 03 Apr 23
I have been attending Spokane Barre since last summer and enjoy the diverse exercise routines. It is my sanity escape in the middle of my work day. I take the noon classes which give me a break from the stress of my job where I can focus on my body, mind, and spirit while surrounded by like-minded, strong, and determined people. The instructors always come well-prepared with diverse routines and uplifting music to get me going and make me push a little harder and go a little further than I would go on my own. I have noticed a positive change in my physique and overall well-being and leave at the end of my classes filled with gratitude.Spokane Barre also brings its members together with off-site fitness classes, fun competitions, social gatherings, and even a monthly book club. Instructors are welcoming and take a genuine interest in members' lives and overall well-being.
Colleen ZimmermannColleen Zimmermann
15:44 03 Apr 23
Spokane Barre is the best!!! Sure, I’m seeing muscles appear again in my 40s that I had written off, I’m finding a broader range of motion, and feeling great. But it’s the kind, smiling faces and community that make each trip to Spokane Barre feel like the self-care that it is. It’s a joy to come here. We are all shapes and sizes, all ages, and all in this journey together, from day 1.
Kathy KopczickKathy Kopczick
22:53 07 Sep 22
I joined Spokane Barre 2 months ago and LOVE it!! I've been to classes with almost all of the instructors and they are all great!! The workouts are a great combination of cardio and strength and really work all of the muscles (even ones I didn't know I have!!).The instructors' attitude, friendliness, helpfulness and energy are awesome! It's amazing that even after only one class, they actually know everyone's name too. The other people in the classes are also very friendly. I highly recommend this studio!
Lindsay SniezakLindsay Sniezak
19:33 03 Dec 21
Spokane Barre is the BEST! All of the instructors are so kind and give great instructions for their workouts. Coming as a newbie to Barre, I felt so welcomed and empowered by everyone in the studio. I have never loved going to the gym or exercising, but I always look forward to coming to barre. I can't recommend it enough!
Caitlyn MooreCaitlyn Moore
05:58 02 Dec 21
I joined Spokane Barre a few weeks ago and I am completely in love. The staff members are friendly and helpful! I often feel intimidated going to the gym or working out in public. Everyone at Spokane Barre has made me feel welcome. The workouts are challenging but fun! The instructors always offer modifications. Don't be afraid to give it a try!
Maddie WilliamsonMaddie Williamson
23:22 01 Dec 21
The most welcoming and amazing group of instructors! You definitely feel a strong sense of community at this studio. I have been coming to Spokane Barre for 4 years now and absolutely love it! The workouts are crazy good and you can always count on feeling the burn during class! No matter what your fitness level is, you feel very welcomed and uplifted. I would highly recommend this studio to everyone and encourage you to check it out for yourself 🙂
Jamie BoydJamie Boyd
23:09 01 Dec 21
I cannot say enough good things about Spokane Barre! Over the last 6 months, it has become one of my happy places. I recently moved to Spokane and was looking for new ways to be active, as well as make a few friends.Prior to joining Spokane Barre, I had only done barre a few times, so I was definitely a novice. Katie and the team of instructors are wonderful- they are all personable, helpful and encouraging. I felt welcome and like I belonged to a community from the beginning. I love that I can easily access the class schedule from the app and that there are a variety of classes that can work with any schedule.I feel stronger mentally and physically from practicing barre and I truly look forward to working out in a way that I haven’t in a long time. Really thankful for this studio and the people who are part of it!
Spokane Barre is truly incredible.. It is challenging and the instructors are absolutely the BEST! I leave the workout every time feeling like a brand new, turned on and motivated version of myself!Every class truly brings me so much joy. The classes FLY by and I feel invincible after!Literally my absolute favorite workout I've ever done.. and I've tried almost every workout and every place in Spokane. No joke!Love you Spokane Barre ladies!
Doreen NichDoreen Nich
15:42 07 Nov 21
Absolutely love Spokane Barre! From my first contact with Spokane Barre, I was impressed with their professionalism and expertise. The friendly and clean atmosphere makes it a great place to spend and hour of your day. As a barre instructor myself, I love their teaching style, class structure and cues to promote a safe and effective workout. Their music playlists are well thought out and keep you moving. I enjoy taking classes from all the instructors and they each offer a little something different every class. Great workout!


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Spokane Barre’s Mission:

To build a community of likeminded individuals, together growing & strengthening body, mind and sense of self through the practice of barre. This community will thrive on empowerment through individuality and freedom from judgement or competition. Members of this community will be supported and met wherever they are at in their health journey and able to meet their personal goals with consistent SB practice and intentional support from this team, their SB Tribe.

You Belong Here.
We Are Here For You.

Located at the back of the Globe Building